Transferring Credits

Determining Transfer Credit (BA/BS program)

University of Mary Washington allows a maximum of 90 semester hours credit to be transferred and counted toward undergraduate degree programs. No more than one-half of the credits required for the major program can be transfer credits. Transfer students must earn at least 15 of the last 21 semester hours of credit at UMW, with completion of a minimum of 30 semester hours of credit at the University for the awarding of a degree.

A student must complete 120 semester hours of credit to receive a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. These 120 semester hours are divided into three basic categories: General Education, the Major, and Electives.

At the time of admission, the Office of the Registrar will provide an evaluation of your transfer credits (See our Transfer Credit Guide ). As a general rule, transfer credit is granted for courses of the same type (liberal arts and sciences), on the same level, and taught under the same general guidelines as UMW courses. The credit must not overlap work the student takes at UMW, and a grade of at least “C” must have been earned. No credit will be awarded for courses taken by correspondence, home study, co-op or independent study.

Transfer credits and grades are recorded on a student’s permanent record at UMW. However, grades earned in transfer work are not calculated in a student’s cumulative grade point average and do not affect this average in any way.

If you are transferring from the Virginia Community College System, a list of transferable courses to UMW is available and is updated annually.

Second Major or Second Bachelor’s Degree:

A student who has earned a bachelor’s degree from University of Mary Washington and wishes to pursue further undergraduate work may either complete an additional major and have it noted on the permanent record (with date of completion) or earn a second degree if it is different from the first (i.e., a B.A. or B.L.S. if the first degree was a B.S.). A student must apply for admission for the second degree, and then earn at least thirty (30) additional credits at UMW, including the Major Program and General Education Program requirements listed in the current Academic Catalogue.

A student who has earned a bachelor’s degree at another institution must enter UMW as a transfer student and then complete the Major Program and General Education Program requirements listed in the UMW Academic Catalog.

For specific transferable credit information for completed coursework, please consult our Transfer Credit Guide.