Advice for Juniors


  • Meet with college representatives who visit your school or come to college fairs in your area. Ask them to describe the top two or three things the schools they represent are known for.


  • Take the opportunity over the break to talk with people about universities they would recommend. If you have friends who are home from college, ask them why they chose the schools they’re attending and whether the schools have lived up to their expectations.


  • File the application to take the April ACT or the May or June SAT-I.


  • File the application to take SAT-II Subject Exams in courses including chemistry, biology, and foreign languages (if you are taking these classes).


  • Select your senior courses wisely. Colleges pay particular attention to the kind of courses you take throughout high school.


  • Take SAT-II Subject Exams.
  • Take Advanced Placement Examinations if you are completing an AP course in your junior year.
  • Sign up to receive materials from colleges you are considering. You can usually do this online under the admissions or prospective students tab on the institution’s website.


  • Visit colleges you are considering. Make sure the admissions office at each school knows that you have visited campus.