Entering Class Profile

This profile is intended to provide a general picture of the students who were admitted and enrolled by UMW in the Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science degree program for the fall of 2014. Any statistical portrait is limited in its ability to describe the full range of individual differences among students who are enrolled by the University. UMW does not admit students by any rigid formula, and we seek to enroll a diverse and well-rounded student body.

The Freshman Class

The Admissions Committee reviews each candidate’s file individually, giving careful consideration to all aspects of the record. The committee places strong emphasis on the quality of the student’s secondary school curriculum. Successful candidates present records of sound preparation for study in the liberal arts and sciences. Advanced, honors-level, and Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate course work is highly encouraged.

The committee reviewed 5,336 freshman applications for the fall of 2014. Admission was offered to 4,094 candidates and 856 students enrolled as first-time freshmen.

Multicultural Diversity

The University of Mary Washington strives to enroll a student body that is culturally and ethnically diverse. In 2014, 24 percent of the entering students identified themselves as racially or ethnically diverse.

Secondary School Performance

The University of Mary Washington views each freshman candidate’s academic achievement is viewed in the context of his or her particular high school. When evaluating high-school performance, we give consideration to the course offerings and academic character of each secondary school. Applicants who are admitted to UMW have excelled in strong programs of study, typically including Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or similar honors-level and advanced classes. Although there is much variation among high schools, grade-point average is one important descriptor of the academic quality of the freshman class.

In the information below, the “Middle 50%” indicates the range into which fell the middle one-half of the GPA, SAT, and ACT scores. Therefore, 25% were above this range while 25% were below the range.

Freshman Profile (middle 50%) Admitted Applicants Enrolled Freshman
High-School GPA 3.63 3.54
Mean SAT 1030-1220 1030-1190
ACT composite 22-28 22-27

Geographic Distribution:

The 2014 freshmen came from 27 states besides Virginia. The largest contingent of students came from the following states: Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. International students came from the United Kingdom, Austria, Ethiopia, Pakistan, South Korea, and Uganda.

The Admissions staff is always available to answer questions about the admissions process. Call us at 540/654-2000 or 800/468-5614.