Shadow a Student

Come experience life at UMW — up close and personal! These visits are scheduled for one day, Monday through Friday, generally between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. This enables you to be on campus for all or part of a day when classes are in session in order to sample both the academic and community life of the University.  Our hosts are student volunteers who are active in many ways on campus. Guests are also permitted to attend classes or activities with the host’s friends when mutually agreeable.

Pick your visit for the fall semester based on the day of our current student hosts schedules below. Please register online or call Admissions at 540/654-2000.

Monday - Anna, Junior, Psychology Major

Tuesday - Dani, Senior, Psychology Major/Elementary Education Program

Wednesday - Alyssa, Senior, Biology Major

Thursday – Kristina, Senior, English and Spanish Double Major

Friday - Libby, Senior, History Major/Elementary Education Program

Visits are scheduled mid-September through mid-November and mid-January through mid-April but not during fall and spring breaks or during exam times. Be sure to check our calendar so that you don’t plan your visit when classes are not in session. 

WHAT TO BRING: Guests are also encouraged to bring a book, magazine, or schoolwork in case there is brief downtime should hosts need to prepare or work. All guests should bring enough spending money to cover the cost of meals and miscellaneous expenses. The cost for breakfast is $4.50, for lunch $6.00, and for dinner $7.75. The Office of Admissions issues one complimentary meal ticket for a day visit.

STUDENT PARTICIPATION: The purpose of a day visit is to introduce a prospective student to campus life at UMW through participation in campus activities. By requesting a visit, a prospective student is indicating his/her willingness and intention to participate in the activities planned by his/her student host, which will include attending classes and other campus activities. Please note that the level of activity will vary pending the volunteer’s academic responsibilities.

UNIVERSITY POLICIES: UMW considers its guests responsible adults and expects them to demonstrate mature conduct. Our rules and regulations are not excessive, but each guest is required to abide by all University policies. Any failure to do so may result in dismissal from campus and review of the individual’s admission status. The Student Handbook explains all regulations in detail. UMW is not responsible for accidental injury of guest.

HOW TO GET HERE: Please visit our maps and directions page for campus information. Amtrak tickets must be purchased in advance (800/872-7245). A Greyhound bus station is located two blocks from campus. Greyhound tickets must be purchased in advance (540/373-2103).

VISITOR PARKING: Some spaces are designated along the right side of Double Drive inside the main gate off College Avenue. Visitors may park along College Avenue or along the residential streets intersecting with College Avenue avoiding areas marked “Residential Permit Parking Only.” Guests needing on-campus parking, should pick up a parking permit from the Office of Admissions.

CANCELLATION OF VISIT: Please contact us as soon as possible to cancel or reschedule. You may call us at 800/468-5614 Monday – Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., or leave a message at 540/654-2000 after office hours.

STUDENT EVALUATION FORM: After your visit, we would greatly appreciate your taking the time to complete the evaluation form the host will provide.